Budget School Programme

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Background:
Jharkhand being a backward state in terms of literacy having literacy rate of just 67.2 %, takes the state to
the rank of 25th in the list of Indian states. The very reason for this backwardness is that, since times, the
maximum parts of the state have been overlooked because of which people here got diverted towards the
wrong ways of demanding their rights like Naxalism and other criminal activities. The girls of this state
have the highest rate of getting trafficked and indulging into prostitution, the reason being the poverty as
well as lack of education among the community. Even government agencies found to be ineffective in
bringing some development in the interior villages of this state due to prevailing Naxalist activities. Due to
the presence of schools which are mostly run on an adhoc basis, the children of these areas found the illegal
ways of earning livelihood more comfortable. Moreover, parents also found themselves helpless in
preventing their children to get involved into these sorts of activities.

Pratigya’s First Budget English Medium School
Pratigya has started its first school in Chandapara where the children
mostly belongs to first generation learner families. The name of the first
such school is Ashish Kujara Pratigya Public School. The school has been
set up with some specific goals to create a unique system of education
for rural/underprivileged children who are void of quality school education.

Programme Goals:
The objective of this programme is to set up an English medium budget school in underprivileged villages and
initiating the basic education to the children. Along with the basic education, a proper counseling of the school pass outs and youths can be also offered so that they can be guided to a correct path of earning a good livelihood. The school can be a center for the following:

  • To give access to a basic quality education for the children
  • To equip the classrooms and office to required standards
  • To employ qualified and skilled teachers to teach & able to act, think and act outside the box
  • To educate each child as per his/ her unique needs
  • To encourage sports among children, so as to develop team spirit and maintain good health
  • To build a child with the best possible human values
  • To meet the national education standards
  • To counsel and facilitate the youths regarding the availability of opportunities for a better livelihood

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Pratigya being working in the identified village since last 5 years observed a sharp change in the thinking of people there. People there today are more concerned regarding the education of their children. This is the reason that they have been requesting Pratigya for setting up a school since last 2 years which can complete their wish for a better future of their children. Pratigya being not financially very strong, tried various ways to purchase a piece of land in order to establish such a school in the village, but the land prices are too high to afford. Hence, when we share the problem with the villagers, they decided to give us a piece of land for the very purpose. This shows the strong attachment of the entire village with the organisation.


Lodhma is a locality in the Karra block of Khunti district in Jharkhand. It is situated at about 20 km from Ranchi. In order to search for an area where intervention was extremely needed in terms of education especially, Pratigya in 2012, discovered the village namely, Chandapara of this locality. The village consists of mainly the tribal population and comes under the Naxalite belt.
Pratigya adopted this village educationally and is sponsoring almost 80 children from the village every year for their education. In 2016-17, Pratigya along with the hard efforts of the people of Chandapara set up a resource room namely “URGE”, where people of any age group can get benefited by it. This has put a great impression for the other villages nearby.
Since last 4-5 years, what Pratigya has done there, the people realized it very closely and that is the reason they were insisting the organisation to set up an English medium school for the children so that the children would not struggle in their future career endeavors. So, after many failure in getting a land within an affordable price, the people of Chandapara have decided to provide a piece of land for the very purpose.
Pratigya, in its new chapter, is going to start its first budget English medium school which will be focused on the quality school education for the underprivileged children at a very affordable expense. Hence, we request you to support this initiative by any means possible from your side.
Donors can donate:
1. A lump-sum amount for the initiative                     3. Desks/Benches                               5. Projector(s)                                               7. Books / Notebooks                      9. Play Materials
2. Computer(s)                                                                 4. Board(s)                                           6. Book Shelves / Cup Boards                    8. Water Filter(s)                             10. Classroom(s)

Apart from donation, we would also welcome funds in short term investments/loans from our well wishers, so as to set up this school. The investors can expect to get a respectful return for their valuable support that they would provide the organisation for setting up this school.

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