Seminar at Amity University, Ranchi

It was a great seminar at the Amity University, Ranchi. The students were quite interactive and were very sensitive to the topic. The seminar was inaugurated by the Dr. Raman Kumar Jha (Vice Chancellor, Amity University) followed by a formal introduction of Pratigya and Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti by President of Pratigya, Mr. Ajay Kumar. He informed the students about the role and work the organization has undertaken in these last 9 years, the purpose of the seminar and brief view on Gandhian thought about women. Soon after that the floor was taken over by Mr. Rajan Kumar Singh (Ph. D. from Delhi University) who put emphasis on the topic “Patriarchy, Gandhi and Women Empowerment”. Then after there was a panel discussion by four eminent resource persons, Mr. Anurag Gupta (IPS and ADG), Dr. Suman Dubey (A Cometologist and a social worker), Ms. Sachi Kumari (Secretary, CSS) and Dr. Raman Kumar Jha (Vice Chancellor, Amity University). The topic on floor was “Problems faced by Girls & Women and legal / social support available to them”. There was a concluding session by Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey (Director, Amity University, Ranchi) and Mr. Chandan Singh (Programs Head, Pratigya) on the “Issues with Personal Liberty of women in the surrounding”. The session was an interactive session where students participated in an activity and were also tested for their knowledge and views.