Seminar at Nirmala College, Ranchi

A seminar on “Gandhi and Women Empowerment” was conducted in the auditorium of the Nirmala College on 29th Mar, 2017. The seminar was inaugurated by the lightning of lamp by Mr. B.B.Pradhan, DGP, Jharkhand Home guards. Sister Dr. Jyoti Kispotta (Principal, Nirmala College) welcomed the participants along with the guests and officially commenced the seminar with a message to move forward with high spirit. Mr. Pradhan addressed the students on the topic “Patriarchy, Gandhi and Women Empowerment”, in which he shared the views of Gandhi on patriarchal society and how it can be changed. Gandhi, in the 19th century itself understood that if women would not come forward, their development would be next to impossible. Ms. Jaya Raj Lakshmi (Assistant Professor, Nirmala College) also shared the information about social evils and how those evils are being eradicated from the times of Gandhi. The next session was panel discussion on “Problems faced by Girls & Women and legal / social support available to them” and the speakers who sourced their knowledge were Ms. Rashmi Kumari (Advocate, Jharkhand High Court), Mr. Vikas Chandra Srivastava (DSP, Sadar) and Dr. Rashmimala Sahu (HOD, Department of Political Science, Nirmala College). Ms. Rashmi discussed the students about the issues with women and the legal and social support available to them. Mr. Vikas motivated the students to join the administrative services so that the prevailing system can be more corrected. He insisted the girls to install Shakti App into their android phone, so as to avail help at times of need. Dr. Rashmimala shared some very important points related to the issues and asked the students to be aware and alert.. In the second half, Chandan Singh interacted with students and discussed about the issues with the personal liberty with women.