Education Voucher

“Pratigya” is committed to Quality School Education for children and runs an innovative project - Education Voucher. Under this programme, children from disadvantaged section get a Voucher with which they can study in a school of their choice. If the child or parent is unsatisfied, they can change the school. Here money follows the child, not the school.

Presently this project is being run by Pratigya in two districts of Jharkhand – Ranchi (urban) and Khunti (rural) covering over 130 students from socially-economically backward families. 80 students from three urban slums, namely Jagannathpur, Ranchi are studying in different private schools with education voucher worth Rs.5,100 (upto) per annum. Similarly 50 students from a village called Chandapara in Lodhma, Karra Block, Khunti District have received Education Voucher and are studying in different schools of their choice.

Initially in the year 2007-08, Vouchers were given to 40 deprived children (mainly tribal), for studying in better school, from Jagannathpur and the number of children benefited under this programme has reached to over 1000 in the recent years. Pratigya intends to include over 1000 more children under this project in next 3 years and act as a Policy Demonstrator for sustainable model of Quality School Education on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

The programme is Jharkhand’s first privately funded programme that provides financial assistance to parents for sending their children to schools of their choice. An education voucher is a special scholarship given to needy children whose parents are free to redeem it in any school of their choice. School management becomes accountable to parents who are free to seek better quality schools.

Scholarships are awarded to the students from Class I through V, after which it can be extended till standard 10th, provided they meet the requirements of the project. The scholarship covers the annual fees of the school, up to a maximum of Rs.5100/-. In certain circumstances the books are also provided by Pratigya, to extremely poor and needy students, subject to the availability of funds.

Pratigya Education Voucher given to the supported children

Our achievements in last 13 years:

  • Over 150 students from slums in Ranchi, Jharkhand and a village in Khunti, Jharkhand are studying in better schools through using the Education Vouchers.

  • Over 70 children have passed their matriculation exams successfully in the last 4-5 years and are continuing their higher studies as well. These were those children who were either dropped out from some school or would not have continued their education if Pratigya hadn’t intervened into their lives.

  • About 15% of the students supported by Pratigya, are among the rank holders in their classes who in all probabilities would have been drop outs. The school administration who used to neglect our sponsored kids in their classes, now appraised them for their leadership skills. Our sponsored children lead the school activities and won prizes for their respective schools.

  • Some of our students dissatisfied with their schools have changed their schools in past 3-4 years, which shows the power of choice that Education Voucher provides to them.

  • More than 25 students have passed the Class XII exams and are on the verge of getting graduated.

  • Parents in the community now talk about the benefits of Quality of Education and demand for Right to Choose School for their children.

  • We have started giving Education Voucher to 40 students in 2008 and the number grew more than Four fold in recent years