Pratigya is Jharkhand based social enterprise driving grassroots initiatives and community programme in urban and rural areas of Jharkhand on issues of Education, Child protection and development. 

Started in June 2007 by a group of committed youth who took inspiration from former President of India Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's appeal for empowerment of kids through education. The pledge to spread the light of education to every child has helped more than 1000 underprivileged kids.

Pratigya is the first organisation in Jharkhand that initiated working on life-skills, personality development and financial education of the deprived children. The Life-skills Programme has been recognized and featured globally in Youth Solutions Report 2019 published by SDSN-Youth.

Pratigya has received another recognition where it has been awarded and published in Acquisition International Magazine for "Best Youth Advocacy & Support Initiative 2022 - India". 



Some Stories of Change

Neha Kumari

Hailing from one of the biggest slums of Jagannathpur, Ranchi, Neha Kumari has a dream of becoming a famous and successful dancer and choreographer one day. However, her passion, dedication and love for dancing did not let her affect her studies. She scored 80% in her 10th board and for her Std 12th exams this year, she has secured 76% from Nirmala College, Ranchi. Having lost her father at a very tender age, Neha saw her mother working as a maid in a private school to cater to the needs of her three sisters while living in a house which had only two rooms.

It was in 2012 that Pratigya took the first initiative to help Neha by getting her admission to a good private school and even guided her towards the Srijan Bachpan Programme along with getting her trained in various dance forms. Neha's journey was not easy then and still not easy now. She has a dream to study further and begin her career by joining the renowned Rabindra Bharati University, West Bengal.

Laxmi Kujur

Laxmi belongs to a socio-economically marginalized tribal and migrant family, coming from an  extremely backward rural remote region of Jharkhand. She has been connected with Pratigya while she was studying in her school. Laxmi’s education was also not an easy game to play. She had faced a lot of resistance in her family regarding this. Pratigya supported her in getting a quality  education and also trained her with life-skills. The impact of life skills education could be well judged by the fact that once Laxmi fought with her mother and other people of community regarding some stereotypes being practiced there.

Laxmi also displayed her entrepreneurship skill in the one day State-level Business Fair called “Baadi- Utsav”, organised by Pratigya in Ranchi, with help of its strong and committed volunteer base. She, along with two other children of her slum, got into a business alliance. They installed two business stalls in which one was a food stall and the other was a stationery related. After her due involvement in the activities at the first centre of Pratigya in Jagannathpur, she took the initiative to open a new branch nearby her area so as to reduce the cases of substance abuse happening there.

Laxmi Kujur is a child leader mentored by Pratigya through its life skills programme. She is someone who holds power and boldness in her attitude and has the mere capacity to lead change transformation around her community. Throughout this journey of change, she has successfully achieved so much of attention due to her capacity building, enhancing upfront ideas and mobilization skills. Working with the children and interacting with their mothers, Laxmi had came up with a brilliant idea to bring all the mothers who were culturally bound to work in their homes, to field for playing football. She involved the children of Pratigya centers in this and mobilized 5 teams to play a football tournament, which she named Matri Shakti Football tournament. In 2018, 5 teams played this tournament that encouraged the other mothers who watched it and in 2019, 300 mothers registered to play this tournament. Laxmi, for this unique idea/initiative was also awarded by Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation for her contribution towards mother’s empowerment.

Our Outreach


Mr. Rajiv Ranjan,  Manager, Canara Bank

मैने अपने नीजी जीवन में पैसों की कमी के कारण पढाई में आने वाली दिक्कतों को बहुत करीब से महसूस किया है, परंतु आज जब मैं पढ़ लिखकर एक ऐसे मुकाम पर पहुँच चुका हूँ जहाँ मैं अपने परिवार को एक सुखद जीवन दे सकता हूँ। इस कारण मुझे यह लगता है कि मुझे उन बच्चों के लिए भी कुछ करना चाहिए जो पैसों के अभाव में पढ़ाई से दूर रह जाते हैं। 

मैं प्रतिज्ञा संस्था का शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहता हूँ कि इस संस्था ने मेरे इस इच्छा को पूरा करने का एक बेहतरीन मंच प्रदान किया। इस संस्था की मदद से मैंने एक बच्चे की पढ़ाई के खर्च की जिम्मेदारी उठाई है और प्रतिज्ञा के द्वारा मैं अपने बच्चे की सारी जानकारियाँ आसानी से समय समय पर प्राप्त कर लेता हूँ।

Ms. Jyoti Rani, Honeywell

Pratigya is doing a commendable contribution towards building the future of the Nation and it’s a privilege to be a part of this good cause. 

I am associated with this organization since 2010 and found myself very close to my supported child since their effective communication system always makes me feel connected and well appraised of my child’s education status. 

Mr. Satyajeet Kumar, IBM Netherlands

India is growing; still there are so many people who do not get basic things. If we want to build our nation, if we want our next generation to lead the society to a next level, we need to educate them now and we need to make sure nobody is left out. Not everybody can work on the ground level, but at least we can support the people who are doing it. I am sponsoring two children’s education through Pratigya and I think everybody can and should help them in one or the other way. It won’t cost you much but it means a lot. Together we can make a difference. 

Ms. Leenu Elsie Carolene, Manager, State Bank of India

Its a great feeling to fulfill a child’s dream…a dream to study in a school…a dream to make lifetime friends. And Pratigya has helped me in accomplishing this. I would say Pratigya is doing a great job in this field and it makes me feel really happy to be a small drop in this big ocean. May God give this organisation and its members all the strengths and opportunities to move on ahead. Good Luck.

Mr. Prasanth Nair, Sr. Software Engineer, Oracle India 

Education for all children tackles a difficult problem since educating children is one of the poorest considered jobs in our country. If you want to make a difference and get the biggest return on your investment, Pratigya is worthy of your support. It’s been wonderful to be part of Pratigya family since last 4 years. Be a part of this noble cause and revolution. They are really doing a wonderful task, I congratulate the team for the services they are rendering to the poor ones.


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