An International recognition

Awarded and published in Acquisition International Magazine as

Best Youth Advocacy & Support Initiative 2022 - India

The world needs change and the youth has the power. Good education necessarily entails engagement of that power in socially progressive initiatives and YUVA aims to provide with the direction they need to direct their energies constructively.

YUVA is a youth initiative to inform, inspire and mobilize youth to work for quality education for all along with other social issues. Pratigya strives to provide a platform to the youth to express themselves, analyze the problem and work effectively to support the cause by organizing numerous conferences and workshops on politico-socio-economic issues like Transparency, Democracy, Personal and Economic Liberty, Individual Rights, Education, Poverty and Governance etc. There is also an opportunity for volunteers to learn and work at the grass roots and become direct agents of change.

Our achievements in last 15 years:

  • Pratigya has been able to reach almost 5000 youths over these years under various seminars and workshops.

  • Training and engagement of about 2000 adolescents on Constitutional values, Fundamental Rights and Duties in 10 districts of Jharkhand in 2019-20.

  • We have been able to develop a mentality of “giving back to the society” among the college going youths.

  • We have been able to create a volunteer database of those youths who are always ready to participate into various activities of the organization.

  • We have been appreciated for the honest practices of utilizing grants & funds received by our various partners and supporters.

  • Some of our volunteers who are continuously working to bring about a change, are being recognized and awarded.