Budget School

The programme is integrated with various activities to provide quality education of marginalised children and are aligned to respective 3 Sustainable Development Goals.

Jharkhand being a backward state in terms of literacy having literacy rate of just 67.2 %, takes the state to the rank of 25th in the list of Indian states. The very reason for this backwardness is that, since times, the maximum parts of the state have been overlooked because of which people here got diverted towards the wrong ways of demanding their rights like Naxalism and other criminal activities. The girls of this state have the highest rate of getting trafficked and indulging into prostitution, the reason being the poverty as well as lack of education among the community. Even government agencies found to be ineffective in bringing some development in the interior villages of this state due to prevailing Naxalist activities. Due to the presence of schools which are mostly run on an adhoc basis and have no vision towards the future of the children, the children felt themselves more comfortable with the illegal ways of earning livelihood. Moreover, parents also found themselves helpless in preventing their children to get involved into these sorts of activities.

Programme Goals:

The objective of this programme is to set up English medium schools in underprivileged villages and giving access of basic education to the children. The curriculum which is being developed has integration of the regional cultural diversity within the syllabus of children, so that the cultural touch might not get faded in the process of getting educated. The school can be a center for the following:

  • To give access to quality basic education for the children

  • To equip the classrooms to required standards

  • To employ qualified and skilled teachers to teach & able to act, think and act outside the box

  • To educate each child as per his/ her unique needs

  • To encourage sports among children, so as to develop team spirit and maintain good health

  • To build a child with the best possible human values

  • To meet national education standards

Pratigya’s First Budget English Medium School

Pratigya has established its first school with the help of Ashish Kujara Memorial Trust in Chandapara in the year 2017, where the children are mostly first generation learners. The name of this first school is Ashish Kujara Pratigya Public School. The school has been set up with some specific goals to create a unique system of education for rural/underprivileged children who are void of quality school education.

Our achievements in last 3 years:

  • Pratigya has been able to set up an affordable and accessible schooling system for the rural/underprivileged children.

  • Started with 41 children in 2017-18, the strength has increased by 100% in the next academic session 2018-19.

  • The school has been able to provide a platform for the children where they have been able to boost up their confidence level.

  • Average percentage of marks obtained by the students (in spite of being first generation learners), is more than 60%.

  • The school has been able to inculcate a value system in the mentality of children.

  • English communication and curriculum being toughest in the initial year, has now became somehow easier for them by using activity based learning methods.

  • Dance and music being the primary choice for the tribal children, has been a part of their routine. One of the students has been invited for audition in “Dance First” (a popular reality dance show).

  • Children have now developed beautiful Arts and craft skills.

  • Seeing the development in the children, there is an increasing demand of admission in the school.

  • Learning computer related topics have been a major attraction for the children, and they are getting more equipped in it day by day.