Responsibility for 10 young persons- Rs.220000

Responsibility for 5 young persons- Rs.110000

Responsibility for 3 young persons - Rs.66000

Responsibility for 1 young person - Rs.22000

In these times they are looking up to humanity. Join hands with us and keep their 'humans for humans' faith. Please come forward and adopt a family, it would only need a little money and lot of love from you!

Mahendra lives in the Jagannathpur slum area of Ranchi, with his wife

He is 70 years old and his poor eyesight has made him incapable of working for daily bread. He is finding it difficult to arrange the basic existential necessities. Would you like to be his ray of hope?

Mamta is a single mother living in Ranchi district with her child

Her income largely depends on agriculture and some contractual jobs for meagre wages. In the present situation, it has become tough for her to keep the kitchen stove burning. Partner with us to help her!

Prateek's smile might be deceptive and may not convey the magnitude of trouble he has been through

COVID-19 has taken away his parents and he is being taken care of by a distant cousin, who might give up on Prateek soon because of his own financial crisis. Prateek deserves a bright future. We have not given up on him. Come, partner with us to gift a smile!

Hitesh and Chameli are from an education deprived and poverty-stricken childhood

They do odd jobs to support a family of 5. The pandemic has debilitated them to the extent that they are on the verge of holding a begging bowl. Can we help them to stay self-reliant?

Santosh and his wife Rama are potters

COVID-19 has driven them into acute financial crisis, and this has eventually taken a toll on their health. Let’s come together and provide them with an environment where they can live with dignity and earn a basic living.